Replacement Cost vs. Market Value

Pop quiz: Which affects the cost of your insurance policy: your home’s market value or replacement cost? The answer: replacement cost. What Is Replacement Cost? People think that home insurance […]

Summer Insurance Tips

Summer is here, and while you may be ready for vacation, we want you to stay protected. Here are 5 areas to give extra consideration as the temperature climbs: Grilling […]

Tree Damage: Who is Responsible?

After severe weather hits, one of the biggest problems our clients deal with is damage from downed trees. The biggest question we hear is “Who is responsible?” The confusion makes […]

Long Term Resolutions

“New year, New me!” is a common phrase that will soon be all over social media posts. But how many people actually mean that phrase? Are they long term resolutions – […]

Vintage Christmas Traditions

Christmas Traditions today give off that vintage taste, like old timey sleighs. Small city buildings decorated in ribbons and wreaths. Add a little bit of snow to the mix and it […]