Deer Vehicle Collisions

Over 18,000 deer vehicle collisions occurred on Ohio roadways in 2017. 4,000 of those accidents were reported for the month of November by the Ohio Depart of Public Safety. Unfortunately deer […]

Planning Your Road Trip

Many of us travel at least an hour to see our families during the holiday season. Unless your car is being pulled by reindeer, there’s a few things you want to […]

The What if: Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance in a World Filled with Emergencies: Picture this:  You’re on the interstate, going 70 miles per hour. Your favorite jams are playing over the speakers. It’s a nice fall […]

Commercial Car Insurance

When do I need to insure my vehicle with commercial auto insurance vs. personal? Plenty of Gray Areas with Contractor based driving. Do you need commercial car insurance? Let’s discuss… […]

Ready to Buy Your Dream Home?

Looking to Buy a Home this Fall? Everyone dreams about owning a home. If you’re like me, you get really excited about the “shopping” aspect of finding your first home […]

Teen Drivers

New school year – New teen drivers: Soon the roads will be filled with new teen drivers. Learning to drive is a very exciting and terrifying moment of your teenagers […]

Landlord Insurance

When owning a rental property, there’s all kinds of nightmarish things you need to prepare for. Protect yourself with landlord insurance (or specialty dwelling insurance). Landlord Insurance will helps with […]

Smart Home Technologies

Are Smart Homes really the smartest way to keep you home safe? With smart home technology on the rise, it is easy to keep updating every aspect of your life […]