Ready to Buy Your Dream Home?

Looking to Buy a Home this Fall?

Everyone dreams about owning a home. If you’re like me, you get really excited about the “shopping” aspect of finding your first home – or your dream home.  Do you know  exactly you do and do not want out of it? First time home buyers are typically tired of renting, careless landlords and run down apartments. It’s finally time to purchase your first dream home! But there’s a few things to remember to avoid getting carried away.

Step One: The Real Estate Agent

You know how car shopping is a very long process? The process to buying a home is even longer! Having a real estate agent will take away a bunch of the stress, but they shouldn’t add any to you. It’s important to find someone knowledgeable, skilled and someone you work well with. You want to be confident in your real estate agent and their abilities.

Step Two: The Perfect Neighborhood

Sometimes when you’re renting, you settle for the area it’s in if the price is right. I’ve had this thought, “It’s only a 12 month lease. How bad can it be?” But when you’re actually purchasing a home, you shouldn’t have to settle. Your future wants and needs are something that should be taken into consideration.

● If you and your partner are looking to settle down and start a family, the factors to consider would be: crime, school district, overall condition of the neighborhood
● If you’re someone on the go a lot, the factors to consider would be: location, transportation and traffic details.

Step Three: The Viewings

The viewings are the fun part of this whole experience. You’re going to visit all kinds of houses and start to get the final picture of what you really want out of your house. But looks aren’t everything. You need to pay attention to any noises, smells, stains you come across. Ask questions! Open doors and cabinets! Especially if it’s a property you’re interested, you’re need to know how much storage space you’ll have before moving in. If it’s a busy open house, schedule a private viewing!

Step Four: The Home Purchase Price & Budget

Buying your dream home can be both fun and scary… You’re definitely going to fall in love with houses out of your price range. But what about the houses you love in your price range? It’s important to get as much as you want in the house you’re considering purchasing but it’s also important to be smart about it. When you get approved for your loan amount, remember that is your max budget. However, you want to set up a budget within that to prevent biting off more than you can chew. You’re likely going to be bidding on houses that other people are as well but do not let your competitive side get the best of you! Ideally, you want to have money left over for closing costs like home inspections and insurance.

Homeowner Insurance

Working with a quality Real Estate Agent and Insurance Agent you trust is important when purchasing a home. We here at Cincinnatus want to make sure you’re well prepared with purchasing your first home. If you would like more tips or have any questions, give us at call.

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