Water and Time: A Destructive Duo

The last thing any homeowner wants to see is the destruction of their home and belongings. Water and time can destroy things in a short amount of time, but what about the threats water can cause over a longer amount of time? Luckily some carriers have home insurance endorsements that protect homeowners from water over a an extended period of time.

What Is Water Seepage and Leakage

Water seepage and leakage is a term used in many home insurance endorsements. It is when water flows from one place to another via small holes or porous material such as drywall. Water seepage coverage can also reference concealed water such as humidity, moisture or vapor. Water seepage and leakage can occur after heavy rainfall, or simply over time within the house.

Identifying Water Seepage and Leakage

Water and time can work together over a long amount of time, so you may not notice the damage right away. One giveaway is the air quality. Is it humid in your basement? That’s a pretty strong indication of seepage. If your basement is feeling extra musty or uncomfortable, it is likely time to investigate your home for any leaks. In addition, you might spot cracks, bubbling, peeling, warped paint, or stains on your walls. This can also be an indication that moisture could be in your home’s foundation. Rust on the appliances that live in your basement is also something to look out for, and an obvious sign of water seepage is a pool of water on the floor.

What To Do Next

Luckily, Cincinnatus Insurance works with a great roster of referral partners that can help you on next steps. Once you know the extent of the damage, contact your insurance advisor at Cincinnatus to see if filing a claim is the right next step. They will know how many claims you already have, and what your carrier may do if you file another one.

Take Action Before Problems Arise

Before trouble arises, it’s best to take action ahead of time in your home where seepage or leakage can occur. There are plenty of fixes you can find online next time you find areas in your home that need a little upkeep. As an insurance agency, our best advice is to chat with your advisor to see if there are any endorsements that your carrier provides to cover water seepage and leakage. Our insurance agents at Cincinnatus Insurance are keenly aware of the current insurance market, and which carriers offer this valuable additional coverage. You never know, your current carrier may offer this endorsement and you didn’t even know it. Ask your advisor today about water leakage and seepage- you never know, you may be saving yourself from financial disaster!

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