Teen Drivers

New school year – New teen drivers:

Soon the roads will be filled with new teen drivers. Learning to drive is a very exciting and terrifying moment of your teenagers life. They can’t wait for the open road, windows rolled down, music blasting. But before they get to the point of burning rubber, there’s a few hoops they’ll need your guidance through.

In Ohio, 6 months after they turn 15 they can start the process of getting their permit. This involves having to pass the knowledge test along with the vision screening. This isn’t the ACT so don’t stress them out by over preparing. Make some flashcard going over road rules and the traffic signs and you’ll be golden! Even if they fail (no matter how many times) remember! This isn’t the ACT, they can take the test in another 24 hours.

Every state has different requirements when it comes to the permit process. Some states have grade requirements, an intermediate license, etc for teen drivers.

In Ohio, before teen drivers can move up to their drivers license, there’s a few requirements:

• Complete a driver’s education course at a licensed training school. This includes 24 hours of online or classroom instruction and 8 hours of driving.
• Have their permit for at least 6 months.
• Log 50 hours of total driving time; 10 hours being night driving. Parents/guardians, this is where you come in big time. Teach them proper driving habits as soon as they show interest in practicing.

Getting the License to Drive:

Learn and practice the route of the road test with your teen while practicing with the permit. Take time to practice 3 point turns, parallel parking (especially if they’ll visit downtown often), and merging. Help your student feel confident the day of the road test.

Did they pass the first time? Yay! Did they pass the third time? Yay! Now they are a unsupervised, licensed driver. Terrifying for you. Very exciting for them. With great freedom comes greater responsibility… How’s your peace of mind doing?

Tip for Safe Driving:

• Turn signals are the original instant messenger. Bet you have seen that reminder around Cincinnati’s highways. It seems like a silly thing to have to post but fellow drivers will be grateful forever for proper turn signal use.
• Pay attention to your surroundings. That always sounds scarier than it should be. In case they get lost, broke down or are involved in a wreck; you want to be able to get yourself or roadside assistance.
• Leave the phone and the make up alone. This works perfectly with our previous bullet. Teens and young adults especially are often bad at playing on their phones. Don’t be a distracted driver. Inform them on how a quick glance down to change a song can quickly turn into a fender bender or worse.
• Keep your documents up to date. We know that their license, insurance and tags all expire. Make reminders for yourself and your teens when any of these documents are close to their expiration date. No one wants to have that awkward conversation with a cop; “Ma’am, your license has expired” “Oh! I had no idea.” “Ma’am, it’s right here. Has been since you got this one” Been there. Had that conversation. It’s not a fun time…

Cincinnatus wants you and your teen driver to feel prepared for this new adventure. Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns on putting your teen behind the wheel.

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