Staying on Top of Wind and Hail Claims

It’s a familiar sight: a roofing company going door to door offering free roof inspections after a storm. Your neighbor’s getting a new roof- do you need one too? After all, there was a hail storm with some high winds recently. Staying on top of wind and hail claims can be confusing and stressful, so let’s demystify the process.

Our top 5 tips for staying on top of wind and hail claims:

  1. Review your insurance policy. Ensure you know how your insurance policy works. Do you know what will be repaired and replaced? How do your deductibles work? Luckily your advisor at Cincinnatus Insurance is just a call a way and would be happy to help make sense of the jargon such as “actual cash value” or “replacement costs.”
  2. Contact your insurance advisor immediately after the storm. Act quickly to help the claims process run smoothly. Insurance carriers like to resolve wind and hail claims as soon as possible after the damage occurs. At Cincinnatus Insurance, we encourage our clients to contact us before filing a claim.
  3. Document everything that was damaged by the storm. Take notes of everything you can, starting with the time and date of the storm. Write a list of what has been damaged. Additionally, take pictures of the damage.
  4. Reduce the damage. Cover any roof leaks with a tarp and keep it secure until it can be repaired.
  5. Learn the scope of the damage. Typically we ask clients to do this because it gives us a clear picture of how to move forward. Luckily, we have a great list of referral partners to help our clients.

Next time there’s a storm, these tips will help you feel prepared for any wind and hail damage that comes your way! Do you have the insurance you need? Call our office to ask about your protections at 513-587-3553.

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