Saving on Cincinnati Home Energy Costs in Winter

At Cincinnatus Insurance, we’re in the business of helping individuals all over Cincinnati save on their home and auto insurance. Since helping people save money is at the heart of what we do, we want to use this post to highlight an issue that affects most homeowners during the winter. That issue is a spike in home energy costs. If you think you should be able to keep your house warm during the winter without paying a small fortune, we completely agree. That’s why we want to share four tips that can help you accomplish this goal:

  1. Don’t Close Vents

People often close vents in any rooms where they don’t spend much time. Although this seems like a smart way to minimize how much heat is pumped throughout your home, it actually has a negative side effect. That side effect is increasing a duct system’s air pressure, which in turn can cause more air to be lost through duct leaks. And even if there aren’t any leaks, it will lower your home’s air flow and increase the amount of energy used.

  1. Tackle All Leaks

The single most effective way to tackle your winter heating bill is to get serious about sealing all the leaks throughout your home. While many people assume that this approach is too simple to make a meaningful difference, the reason it’s not is the cumulative effect of a number of small leaks throughout a home is equivalent to leaving a window all the way open. Since putting an end to leaks can reduce annual energy costs by up to thirty percent, you may want to consider having a professional home energy audit.

  1. Keep Up with Maintenance

As with taking care of even the smallest leaks, many homeowners underestimate the impact of routine maintenance tasks like changing their air filter on a monthly basis. The positive impact of keeping up with this kind of maintenance, along with things like having your furnace checked, can really add up over time.

  1. Make the Right Heating Investments

If you currently have to leave the heat running on high when no one’s home or use multiple space heaters because specific rooms always feel cold, making smart heating investments like a programmable thermostat or more efficient system can help you unlock a new level of savings.

By not closing vents, tackling all the leaks in your Cincinnati house, keeping up with maintenance and making the right heating investments, you’ll be able to enjoy a cozy home without worrying about being hit with a hefty energy bill. And if you’re looking for other ways to save this season, be sure to learn more about how Cincinnatus Insurance can help you save on auto, home and life insurance.

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