The What if: Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance in a World Filled with Emergencies:

Picture this:  You’re on the interstate, going 70 miles per hour. Your favorite jams are playing over the speakers. It’s a nice fall evening so you have the windows cracked a bit. Every care, every worry is non-existent.

Now picture this:  Same scenario. Only this time your car is starting to break down. You’re about 20 minutes from home, you believe your car can make it. You keep saying, “Come on! Don’t do this to me now! Wait til we get into the driveway!” But the car can’t keep going.

With a heavy sigh, you give up and pull over. You turn the music down and stare out at the empty road ahead. A friend is able to come pick you up, but what about the car? You can’t just leave it there, you need to get it fixed. But you don’t even know what’s wrong with it! You have one option in this situation.

Roadside Assistance – Calling for a Tow Truck

You finally pick up the phone and dial a towing company. “That’ll be $120”. You never realize how badly you need roadside assistance until you are in a situation only they can get you out of. More and more insurance companies are adding Roadside Assistance as coverage option. You’re probably thinking, “I don’t want to pay extra just in case I need a tow one day.”

Common Roadside Help Services:

Now each company might offer different services for different pricing but adding roadside assistance usually includes the following services:

Towing – If your car is broke down or just can’t be driven, someone will come out and tow it for you. The distance they tow depends on your insurance provider.
Jump Start – They will send someone out to give your battery a quick jump to get you back on the road.
Flat Tire – Not everyone knows how to change a flat tire, and that’s okay! Someone will come out and put the spare on for you!
Fuel Delivery – Run out of gas? No worries! Someone will bring fuel to you!
Locksmith – Everyone accidentally locks their keys in their car at least once in their
lifetime. The bill from a locksmith is about the same as a tow truck bill – neither are fun.
Other emergency vehicle services offered – Diagnosing and fixing your car at the scene, and towing your car if it becomes stuck in mud, snow, etc.

Like previously stated, each company will offer different services and will have different restrictions for their services. If the whole Roadside Assistance package seems a little too much, some insurance companies even offer towing as an additional option by itself.

We at Cincinnatus understand the unpredictable, but we want you to be prepared in these situations. If you’re curious about adding roadside assistance to your current auto insurance, give us a call. We can take a look at the different services from different providers and find the one best for your unpredictable needs. We are a phone call or email away!  Call (513) 587-3553. 

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