Planning Your Road Trip

Many of us travel at least an hour to see our families during the holiday season. Unless your car is being pulled by reindeer, there’s a few things you want to consider before hitting the road!

Plan the Road Trip:

Two big important questions you need to ask when planning your road trip: How long will I be gone? What time do I need to arrive at my destination? These are both pretty obvious things that we will try to put off til the day before we leave. However, everything you need to do in preparation needs to have this information in mind.

Prepare the Car:

When’s the last time you got an oil change? Or cleaned the car out? On a road trip, your car is basically your best friend. You don’t want to be cramped from too much clutter or paranoid your car might fall apart.

But preparing the car for your road trip doesn’t stop there! Weather this time of year can quickly become unpredictable. With that being said, it’s best to put together an emergency kit just in case you become stranded (from the weather or mechanical issues). Double check your license plates and insurance. Nothing needs to be expired on your road trip to Grandmother’s House!

Your emergency kit should include:

● Jumper cables
● Flares, reflectors
● Motor oil (at least one quart)
● Coolant
● Tire pressure gauge
● Fix-a-flat kit
● Tool kit (make sure it includes pliers, a wrench, a pocket knife and some screwdrivers!)
● First aid kit (bandages, gauze and all that fun stuff)
● Blanket(s)
● Flashlight with extra batteries
● Water (bottled or gallon)
● Granola bars, crackers, other non perishable snacks.
● Writing down your emergency contact information wouldn’t be a bad idea either

This is another reason to clean out your car! If you do need to access this kit at anytime, you need it to be accessible as fast as possible. Not buried under a bunch of fast food wrappers!

Prepare yourself for the Road Trip:

The day before or even the morning of should be spent loading up the car with any dishes and things you’re bringing. This is when you can step back from the car and think, “Okay, do we have everything and everyone?” Lock the door and leave!
The holidays are meant to be enjoyable. We at Cincinnatus want you to focus on safe travels and time with the family. We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

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