Protecting Your Car and Home From the Summer Heat

Most people know it’s a bad idea to exert themselves during the peak of summer heat. Pet owners also know the importance of keeping their animals cool during the hottest days of summer. But what’s easy to overlook is the toll that the heat of summer can take on your car and home. Since we’re in the business of protecting your car and home, we want to cover the best ways to guard against the very high temperatures that go along with summer:

1. Take Care of Your Home’s AC

Your home’s air conditioning unit gets a lot of use during the summer. Because it’s running so much, it’s important to properly maintain it. In addition to kicking off the summer season with a cleaning, check your unit at least once a month for things like accumulated dirt. Keeping an eye out for those issues and promptly taking care of them is a proven way to keep your AC in optimal shape. It will also help to ensure that you’re not overpaying to keep your home cool.

2. Prevent Air from Escaping Through Your Home’s Doors

On the subject of home air conditioners and not overpaying, one issue that can really tax an AC is when lots of cool air is escaping out of a home. Doors that aren’t properly sealed are a common cause of this problem. That’s why it’s worth checking your home’s doors for any spots where air is getting out. You can put an end to that loss by weather sealing the areas you identify. Making this fix will help keep your Cincinnati home cool and reduce how hard your AC has to work.

3. Have Your Car Fully Inspected

The heat of summer puts a lot of strain on your car. If there’s some kind of issue with your car, the harsh temperatures may be enough to push the issue from moderate to broken. You can avoid getting caught off guard by having your car fully inspected. While this is an absolute must if you’re going to take a road trip anywhere, it’s still a good idea even if you’re only doing local driving.

4. Understand Your Coolant System

When your car is inspected, one area that will get looked at is the coolant system. What’s important to understand is that by replacing your engine’s coolant, you can effectively get cheap insurance against the harsh temperatures of summer.

5. Protect Your Car’s Interior

A sun shield can do a lot to protect your car’s interior, as well as a conditioner if any of your interior is made from leather. Just remember that regardless of what you do to keep your car’s interior cool, it’s never OK to leave a child or pet behind in the car.

Protecting your car and home is going to be much easier this summer if you follow these tips! At Cincinnatus Insurance, we also work with an extensive list of referral partners. We’d be happy to connect you with them for their expert advice! Contact your Cincinnatus advisor today with any questions.

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