Don’t Forget to Protect Your Pets

Ever consider Pet Insurance?

Most pet owners consider their pets part of the family. We would do anything to protect them from getting hurt! But, many people forget that accidents and illnesses can happen—even to pets. There are different types of pet insurance that protect against high medical bills. Traditional pet insurance covers costs for health-related issues like cancer and emergency surgeries. A pet insurance endorsement is an easy addition to your normal car insurance that protects your pet in the event of an auto accident.

Whether you’re on a road trip for vacation or taking your pet to the vet, a lot of things can happen. It’s important to understand your existing pet insurance policy. Don’t be afraid to ask you insurance agent any questions you have about your coverage! A pet insurance endorsement is a great option for anyone who travels with their pet, no matter the distance.

Here’s what you can expect from a pet insurance rider on your automobile policy:

• Reimbursement up to $1,000 which can help cover any medicine or veterinary costs for your pet
• Coverage for a pet owned by you or a family member
• If your pet dies as a result of an auto accident, a pet insurance endorsement can help cover costs of getting a new pet.

While insurance helps you in the case of an event, it’s always important to travel safely with your pet. Consider some of these tips the next time you and your fur friend take off on your next adventure.

• If you’re preparing for a long road trip, give your pet some time to get used to being in the car. Try going for short trips to help your pet get acclimated to being on the road.
• Always take enough food with you on your trip. Pets with sensitive stomachs might not be able to digest different brands of food you buy along the way.
• Try to maintain the same feeding schedule as you would at home. This will help your pet with digestion and gives you enough time to plan pit stops.
• Everybody makes mistakes! Pack paper towels, plastic bags, and cleaning solution for easy, on-the-go cleanup.
• Make sure to travel with your vet’s contact information in the case of an emergency.
• Travel with a first aid kit complete with antibiotic cream and bandages for your pet.

Whether you’re traveling far or just down the road, give the protection your pet deserves. Call Cincinnatus Insurance today!

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