Preparing for Motorcycle Riding Season

It’s Motorcycle Riding Season! Preparing for a great season is more than just buying insurance. Let’s all do our best to have a fun and safe summer on our motorcycles this year. Here are some great tips to make your motorcycle riding season enjoyable.

Motorcycle Riding is Popular in the Ohio Valley area:

Whether you own a motorcycle for the sheer thrill of it or for easy access to the open road, you’re not alone. There are nearly 8 million motorcycles registered in the United States – according Hedges & Company, 2016 market research shows. That’s not surprising since motorcycles make traveling and exploring simple and efficient. Before you go out on your next big adventure, make sure your motorcycle is getting the attention it needs.

Pre-Trip Your Motorcycle:

Here are some simple maintenance tips to keep your bike and gear up to safety standards to consider:

Take a good look at your motorcycle. Test the lights, check the tire pressure, and always adjust your mirrors. Motorcycle Riding Season is fun when you take the time to prepare.

Stay on top of regular maintenance needs like oil changes and suspension adjustments. If you feel like something isn’t right with your bike, don’t hesitate to take it to a professional.

Look at your helmet’s expiration date and replace it if needed. All certified motorcycle helmets have “birthday” tags on the inside. If your helmet is five years past its birthday, it’s time for an upgrade.

Pre-trip yourself and passenger too! Be sure to have adequate clothing and some water available. This area is known for hot days and chilly evenings… have some leather and gloves available. Keeping YOU at the top of your game reduces your risk.

Carry proof of insurance and a license at all times. Leave your information locked in your bike, or bring it with you for a carefree ride.

When it comes to playing it safe, finding the right insurance is just as important as maintaining your bike. While you’re inspecting your bike for safety, take a minute to inspect your insurance too. Use this guide to help you determine if it’s time for an upgrade.

Research Your Motorcycle Insurance Options:

Most, if not all, insurance providers will offer potential clients free quotes. This is a great opportunity to see if you’re getting the best coverage for your money. Although quotes are only an estimate of what you will pay, they are pretty accurate at determining a ballpark price point. Make sure to select the optional coverage you want, such as customizable bike parts.

Make an informed decision:

Motorcycle Insurance isn’t just about finding coverage at a low cost. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to finding a good and reliable insurance provider.

Use these questions to guide your decision-making process:

How accessible is your provider? Choosing an insurance provider with local agents and offices will benefit you if you need immediate assistance. This will also help you get a feel for the provider’s customer service. If your agent is difficult to work with or get a hold of, it’s wise to pay a little more for better service.

How does your provider handle claims? Dealing with an accident can be difficult, but filing a claim should be easy. Check out a provider’s website or connect with an agent to understand more about their claims process. If the process seems unclear or lengthy, it’s time to switch providers.

What’s your coverage? Always go with a provider who offers broad coverage. Even if you don’t need everything that a provider has available, it’s nice to know it’s there when you need it.

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