Long Term Resolutions

“New year, New me!” is a common phrase that will soon be all over social media posts. But how many people actually mean that phrase? Are they long term resolutions – or something that falls apart by February?

What about you, do you want it to be a new you for the the new year?


The most common resolutions for the new year typical involve losing weight and getting in a better shape. You want to live the next year to the fullest right?! But the common mistake made is trying to do too much at once; instantly dieting, an intense exercise plan, going Cold Turkey on your vices. While some of these work for certain situations and for certain people with no problem, making small changes and turning them into bigger, longer lasting habits are more effective!

We know diving right in and trying to tackle everything at once is tempting and seems more rewarding… but here’s a few tips on how to start small!

● Opt for healthier choices at the grocery! Meaning, instead of getting that fruity, super sweet treat, try some fruit and yogurt instead!
● Find a workout routine that works for you, and you only! A lot of us get so obsessed with our body image we end up doing too much, too fast in terms of our workout routine. This leads to burning out and taking one too many off days. Which usually leads to that gym membership just being another useless keychain.
● Ween off from your vices. Whether its caffeine or nicotine, limiting yourself is important! Especially if you’re serious about better health. If caffeine is your big thing, try limiting yourself to one a day when it’s the most crucial!

Long Term Resolutions

When taking care of your own health, it’s important to consider your family’s health too. Not just the physical side but emotionally and even financially. These are also areas you want to start small with so you can keep up with them not only through this year but years to come.

● Make more memories. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant (unless that’s your style!) Simply planning and having a game night, a cook out or just watching a family favorite movie is a great way to connect and share some laughs with those you love  most. Especially if this is something out of the ordinary for your family, test out a few  ideas before making it a monthly (or weekly) thing!
● Plan your budget that fits everyone’s needs. You don’t want to miscalculate and forget about necessary expenses that might come with extracurriculars, medications, or more.
● Go over your health plans for each individual. Discuss the essential with your partner of setting up a life insurance policy! You want to have all your ducks in a row for everyone in (or outside) your household, no matter what happens.

We at Cincinnatus know the beginning of the year is like setting the reset button; so many possibilities for another great year. If you have any questions on how to keep your long term resolutions to protect your family — or how to start them off right, give us a call.

Happy New Year everyone!

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