Insurance Issues for Engaged Couples – What You Need to Know

If you’re engaged and in the process of planning your wedding, all of us at Cincinnatus Insurance want to say congratulations! Getting married is a big and very special step. While there are a lot of fun and exciting things that go along with making this commitment, there are also some less romantic but still very important issues to know about.

By being aware of any potential insurance gaps, you can get them taken care of and then get back to focusing on all the special milestones leading up to your big day. So with that in mind, here are the three main insurance gaps that affect couples who are planning to get married:

1. Ring Coverage

Regardless of whether you currently rent or own, if you have any type of property insurance, it should cover most of your belongings. However, standard policies generally don’t cover especially valuable or rare items like engagement and wedding rings. And even if you happen to have a really strong policy, you will probably need to add these items to your policy to have them covered. The good news is if coverage isn’t available through your current policy, you can have peace of mind about your rings by getting a personal article insurance floater.

2. Life Insurance Adjustments

One of the most common misconceptions about life insurance is it’s only something people need to worry about when they’re much older. In reality, life insurance is a smart idea for anyone with a dependent. Getting life insurance earlier in life is quite easy to do with help from an agency and will give you peace of mind knowing that the family you’re starting to build will be protected even in the event of something very unfortunate happening. If you already have a policy, now is a good time to review it and make sure it will provide the necessary level of coverage.

3. Combining Insurance

In addition to planning a wedding, many engaged couples also start the process of looking for a home. Once you find the right home, you’ll need homeowners insurance for it. One way to potentially save on that insurance is to bundle it with your existing car insurance. And even if you aren’t planning to buy a home right away, you may be able to get a multi-car discount by combining policies. In fact, simply being married can qualify you for an extra discount!

As part of the Cincinnati community, we take a lot of pride in the personalized service we offer to our clients. So if you need help with any of the insurance gaps we covered above or have any other questions about your home, life or auto (which may qualify for a multi-car discount once you’re married) insurance, we’re here to help! All you need to do is give us a call at 513-587-3553.

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