Home Sharing Insurance: Are You Covered?

Short-term rentals like Airbnb and Vrbo are disrupting the hospitality industry and thousands of people are giving it a try to make some extra bucks. Are you next? Home Sharing Insurance is something to consider if you are.

Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Home Sharing?

When you’re home sharing, your property isn’t regulated like a hotel. Hosting presents a risk if someone renting your home damages it or is injured during their stay. As a host, you are responsible for making repairs to your home or covering a guest’s medical expenses.

However, most homeowner insurance policies don’t extend to home sharing. That’s because, once a guest pays you to stay, your home becomes a business. Typical homeowners and renters insurance policies do not cover commercial use, which is why you need to be covered properly.

Protecting yourself as a home sharing host

If you are considering home sharing (or have already jumped in), connect with your Cincinnatus Insurance Advisor. Our team works with over 10 carriers in the preferred market and knows the ins and outs of home sharing insurance endorsements. Also, we will be able to identify your needs quickly and match them with a carrier and policy that will best protect your home.

Trust the Experts

For instance, carriers may tolerate home sharing if the guest stays for a week or longer. Others will decline coverage if the guest stays for only a couple of days. Or, should the policy be a dwelling fire or home policy? You don’t have time for all of this jargon! After all, you’re a budding entrepreneur.

That’s where Cincinnatus Insurance comes in. Your insurance advisor is well aware of these nuances, so put us to work sifting through the weeds of this new hospitality landscape.

As always, we’ll shop it around so you don’t have to!

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