Motorcycle Riding Tips this Fall Season

Does this warmer Fall Season inspire you to extend the motorcycle riding season? The Summer motorcycle riding season is over…the Fall weather has arrived.  Yet there are plenty of Fall season motorcyclyst out there enjoying the beautiful red, orange, yellow and tan leaves. Riders face a whole set of different safety concerns this time of year…

Your Trusty Leather Jacket

Nothing like Cincinnati to see 40 degree mornings and 75 degree afternoons. Dress for the season.  Summer Riding Vests become Full Leather Jackets accented with well-fitted gloves and riding boots covering a warm pair of socks. Your relaxing ride through the country can be loads of fun, but don’t relax too much. Temperatures can change quickly. Are you prepared? Dress in layers! Shivering motorcycle riders can get stiff… this reduce your ability to control the motorcycle safely. Are you riding in the morning? Be extra aware of potential frost and ice on the roads.

Motorcycle Maintenance

Don’t forget to perform preventative maintenance on your bike seasonally. It can help you improve your bike’s operational risks during this period. Changing the oil, checking your tire pressure, and tightening any loose nuts and bolts may help prevent accidents that arise from neglected motorcycle maintenance. Check the chain, belt, or shaft and the brakes, too.

Look Out For Dry Or Wet Leaves

Falling leaves are so beautiful, but can present a unassuming riding hazard. Fall colors can distract drivers in vehicles as well as riders so keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Also, leaves that have accumulated on the road can be slick and can reduce your bike’s traction. Be aware and reduce your speed.  The potential of distracted drivers checking out the trees should put all motorcycle riders on high alert! Motocyclist should keep plenty of space between themselves and potentially distracted drivers.

However motorcycle accidents don’t always involved other vehicles. Be sure to pay attention to the road conditions. Whether it’s ice or water puddles, deep ruts, potholes, uneven surfaces, debris, or other obstacles, dangerous road conditions lead to serious crashes and severe injuries.

Wild Life Dangers

Wild Turkeys fill the Cincinnati countryside this time of year. A car driver might not think about this… but adult turkeys can weigh between 14 and 20 pounds.

Corn Harvestors and Hunters bring families of deer rushing out of the tall corn. corn by a harvester. So motorcycle riders in farming areas when riding along fields being harvested, are encouraged to be particularly vigilant. Obviously this applies to cars too…but motorcyles are far more at risk.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

Not all motorcyle insurance polices are the same! If you purchased seasonal motorcycle insurance for summer riding – you may want to make sure this gets extended.   If you don’t have seasonal insurance, then you may have the opportunity to switch to that now so you can be covered for the remainder of autumn, but pay a much lower premium during the winter. At Cincinnatus Insurance we see a great number of riders with Year-Round policies to cover the early and late season riding opportunities.

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