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Be prepared for a car accident with these important steps to protect you and your loved ones physically and legally. Learn more here!

As Americans we spend an average of 51 minutes of our day in our vehicles going from point A to B. With our commute times extending every year, we are increasingly putting our lives at risk on the road. While being involved in a car accident can be stressful, it is important to be ready when the inevitable happens.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, here are you most important steps to keep in mind:

Move Your Vehicle to Safety: 

  • If possible, leave your vehicle in place until the police arrive so as not to shift evidence
  • If you are in harm’s way, move vehicles out of traffic into safe place
  • Park the car, turn the engine off, and turn our hazard lights on

Call for Help: 

Collect Necessary Information:

  • Names and Contact from drivers and passengers involved 
  • Vehicle Make, Model, Year
  • Driver’s License
  • License Plate Numbers
  • Insurance Company and Policy #
  • Names and Contact from witnesses
  • Location or address where accident occurred. Note what direction both vehicles were headed.

*If possible, take an audio recording or film yourself recalling the details of the accident while it’s still fresh in your mind. That way you have something to reference when you contact your insurance* 

Take photos: 

  • Vehicle Damage
  • Accident Scene, especially if vehicles haven’t been moved

Contact Your Cincinnatus Insurance Company:

Contact Cincinnatus Insurance to file a claim and notify your insurance agent as soon as possible. 

Cincinnatus Insurance LLC is an independent auto, home, & life insurance agency located in Cincinnati Ohio. Our agents provide sound coverage advice, assist with claims, and help with policy services. We aim to become your trusted insurance partner by protecting individuals and families from unexpected financial disaster using quality products from financially sound insurance companies. 

Downloadable checklist is available here. Tip: store it in your glove compartment and never miss a step again.

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