What to Know About Matching Coverage

Imagine this: Your house just took some damage from a recent windstorm. The roof is mostly intact, but a section of shingles are missing. You need to file a claim, but the entire roof doesn’t need replaced. What now? You should know about matching coverage to be prepared for situations just like this.

What is Matching Coverage?

Matching coverage is an endorsement that covers the replacement of undamaged roofing, siding and windows to match the materials that were replaced as the result of a claim. Think of it this way: what if a portion of your siding is damaged and the original siding is no longer available? Matching coverage does not guarantee an exact match, but a reasonably consistent appearance in color and size of materials.

What Should You Know About Matching Coverage?

This coverage ensures your home keeps that curb appeal after a loss. Can you imagine having an obvious roof patch job that sticks out like a sore thumb? Most insureds would prefer NOT to have a mismatched house, or pay out of pocket to redo all of their siding, or replace their entire roof.

Your Next Steps

Moving forward, you can use your Cincinnatus Advisor as a resource if you have questions about this endorsement. Also, you can add this to your current policy or learn more about how your carrier would handle a claim. Take action with your advisor to learn more about how to protect your home today!

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